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Tax Specialists for Non-Fiscal Residents with Property in Spain

For those who own property in Spain, hold  tax residency elsewhere, and want their tax responsibilities dealt with accurately and simply.  

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Spanish tax made simple

 Your Modelo 210 Filed in Just 3 Steps

Your contact-our contact

We receive your inquiry and promptly reach out to understand your need for assistance. Following this, we provide a form adapted to your case to gather all necessary information for the submission of Modelo 210.

You send your information

You fill out the tax data form. If you have any questions, you can always count on us. Once we receive your information, we work on your declaration on an individual basis, thoroughly and meticulously. If any conflict is identified among the data or if we need any additional information, we will get in touch with you to clarify the situation. You will receive the declaration results within a maximum of 3 days after sending us your data.

We submit your Modelo 210

You will be able to review the results of your Modelo 210 before we submit it. If you need to correct any information, this would be the time to request it. Once we receive your confirmation, we will proceed to submit your declaration to the Tax Authority. You will receive an official confirmation with a copy of the declaration submission. As a standard, payment of the due tax will be made by direct debit


Owners of Spanish property who are not tax residents in Spain are nonetheless required to report and pay tax on any rental income, imputed income, and capital gains to the Spanish authorities. We are to help you comply with these obligations.

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